December '44 Historical Museum

This WW2 museums features dioramas displaying the advance of the 1st SS Panzer and its Kampfgruppe commanded by Lt-Colonel Peiper, as well as the American units. Not forgetting a large collection of military insignia, maps of the advance of the troops, a model of La Gleize during the battle and photographs taken at the time. Don't miss the wire-guided German Goliath, a tracked explosive charge guided by cable towards the enemy lines. A panel is dedicated to women and their role in the battle. The visit finishes with a film based on contemporary archive footage.

The German defeat

La Gleize suffered from the German counter attack in December 1944. Once the American troops arrived in the region, the Germans found themselves blocked in the region: they fled, leaving behing 135 armoured vehicles. This a was a decisive moment in the Battle of the Bulge.

The Tiger II tank

Abandoned on the battlefield, this tank was meant to be destroyed. As the cleaning teams started to move the vehicle a way, they were stopped by a woman from the village, offering to exchange it for a bottle of cognac... which they accepted! Now renovated, it stands in front of the museum.

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