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Follow the road starting in Saint-Hubert to discover five beautiful villages in the region: Gros-Fays, Our, Mirwart, Laforêt and Sohier. This 70 km route overlooks stunning landscapes: a wonderful opportunity to discover the Ardenne of yesteryear along the modern one.

The itinerary (complete with GPS coordinates and descriptions of each point of intererest) can be downloaded from the official website.

The Ardenne as our ancestors knew it

Panoramas, terroir, cultural heritage describe this (car or motorbike) road trip perfectly. Just drive along at your favoured pace, stopping whenever a view captures your heart.

What to see in these 5 picturesque Walloon villages

Gros-Fays: a 17th century fortified farm, a former windmill, a former brewery, traditional houses

Our: a listed church, adorable low roofed houses built in sandstone, walking and cycling trails. The perfect gastronomic stop in your itinerary.

Mirwart: a castle, small farms, some former ones, sweet stone-built houses nestled in nature

Laforêt: along the Semois river, farm built in slate, traces of the tobacco industry that

Sohier: a castle, varied landscape between Famenne and Ardenne



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