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Love road trips? This 100 km itinerary is the perfect opportunity to discover Wallonia further and enjoy the stunning landscapes of the Pays de Herve et de Vesdre. The route goes through the pretty villages of Berwinne, Limbourg, Olne and Soiron.

A fantastic trail through the East of the Ardenne

The trail, which starts at the Maison du Tourisme du Pays de Herve, offers a wide variety of bocage landscapes typical of the South of Belgium. The local terroir products are sure to delight all foodies. 

Drive at your own pace, either doing the route in one day or stopping for a night along the way.

The itinerary (GPS coordinates and description of the points of interests included) can be downloaded from the official website.

What to see in these picturesque Walloon villages

Clermont sur Berwinne: the 17th century Saint-Jacques le Majeur, the 19th century town hall, the stunning architecture of the nearby village and the fortified farms. Why not make a detour via the Val Dieu abbey or the Remember Museum?

Limbourg: this former fortress was built along the Vesdre river and its architecture listed as exceptional cultural heritage of Wallonia. Add to this the Saint-Georges church, the justice court of Avó, the castles, the fountain dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and the stone table giving the place a medieval vibe

Olne: look for the Saint-Sebastian church spire, topped with slate, to find the heart of the village. The streets reflect the trades of the past still: earthenware makers, cloth weavers, nailsmiths...

Soiron: the buildings are built of rubble stone, bricks and limestone. Worth a look: the Saint-Roch church, 2 castles, former rectory and cemetery. Don't miss the dryer pierced with 160 holes, used when the village grew thistles...



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