The Domaine du Chapitre: a wine estate in Nivelles

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The Hautier family welcomes visitors in their vineyard, in Nivelles: a fantastic opportunity to taste the wines produced at the Domaine du Chapitre.

In 2013, the Ferme du Chapitre decide to diversify their production, fully focused on cereal at the time. This family favours an artisanal way of working, controlling the process from start to finish, from taking care of the vines to bottling and selling.

Come and meet these passionate winemakers: through a guided tour, followed by a tasting, you will learn much about daily life at the estate.

Visitors with specific needs

The Domaine du Chapitre is one of the many sites certified by Access-i (meaning with facilities or/activities adapted to travellers with specific needs). You will find more details on the website to plan your visit.



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