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Just 5 kilometres from Namur, between the villages of Emines and Saint-Marc, the Fort of Emines site remains almost unaltered since 1914, a moving witness of the first world war in Wallonia.

An exceptional site

The building, part of the Fortified Position of Namur, retains hints of its military past. There are, in total, no less than 9 forts concealed in the hilly woodlands surrounding the city.

Triangular in shape and designed by General Hénri Alexis Brialmont, the Emines Fort was built between 1888 and 1892. It was heavily bombarded by German artillery in the Battle of Namur in 1914. Luckily, its outer wall remains in excellent condition to this day.

Visiting the fort

Special guided tours, organised as part of the First World War commemorations, give visitors a chance to:learn the history of the site, from its conception to the second world war. Details and prices for these visits can be found on the fort's website.

Your visit

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There are many itineraries to explore by bike or car around the fort, should you like to see more.

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