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This religious site, its rather kitsch architectural style, makes quite an impression on visitors. You may like it, dislike it but you are not likely to forget it! The parish priest asked his community to help him build it: they spent all their Sundays making the project come true between 1900 and 1903.

The whole town joined in

This man-made cave, dedicated to Saint Antoine de Padoue, stands between Crupet's church and former presbytery (now home to Assesse's tourist office). Father Gerard, the priest at the time, was particularly devoted to this saint and was joined by the whole town to complete this colossal project. The cave features scenes depicting the life of the sacred man, including cast iron and plaster statues. The devil's, particularly impressive, is the most famous. The site still is a place of devotion but welcomes curious visitors and art lovers too.

Practical information

  • On 3 levels, featuring scenes of the saint
  • The nearby Saint-Martin church, a protected site, also is worth the detour
  • Groups: the guided tour includes the Saint-Martin church and its 13th century tower, the cemetery, the cave and the former presbytery (from the outside)
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