Eytelia: discover the benefits of organic food supplements in Courcelles

  • Guided tour and discovery

Eytelia, the world leader in organic silica-based products, open the doors of its company in Courcelles: a rare opportunity to step into a production lab in Wallonia.

What is silica?

Silica, a vital mineral for our organism, ensures the elasticity and resistance of our skin, cartilage, hair... It greatly improves the suppleness of our muscles and tendons.

Eytelia: a Walloon company, world leader in its field

Over 21 years of experience, 80 employees, a 4000 m² production unit shipping 500,000 bottles of drinkable silica a year: no wonder Eytelia is the world leader in organic silica.


Eytelia can organise corporate visits, which include:

  • the research and development lab
  • the quality lab
  • the production site
  • the clean room
  • the packaging line
  • the storage

Discover the benefits of silica and its processing in the Eytelia labs in Courcelles.



  • Tour of facilities


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