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Fagnolle, nestled in a hilly, tree-planted setting, is a sweet little village in the Fagne region. Why not stop by to discover its listed cultural heritage, charming streets and stunning views on the nearby countryside?

The village reflects the architecture traditional in the 18th and 19th century. Take a stroll to see its listed sites such as the Saint-Martin and Saint-Jacques de Compostelle Church, the Bailiff House and washhouse.

The slate and limestone houses, dating from the 18th century and featuring many agricultural workers’ cottages which have been well restored and sit happily alongside more modern constructions.

Below the village can be seen the ruin of the Château de Fagnolle.

In the area

The Philipeville underground galleries

Vauban (Louis XIV's famous military engineer) redesigned the fortress of Philipeville in the 18th century, adding 10 km of .  Part of the network can be visited. The site also presents the story of the city and its region.

The Brasserie des Fagnes de Mariembourg

Step into the Brasserie des Fagnes de Mariembourg to discover 150 years of technological evolution in beer brewing. Make sure to try the seasonal beers too!

The Trois Vallées steam train

All on board - one of the best ways to enjoy the Viroin valley! The Chemin de fer à vapeur des Trois Vallées, considered one of the most beautiful railway systems in the world, goes from Marienbourg to Treignes, offering a wide range of picturesque landscapes. Have a look at the Trois Vallées steam train museum to learn more.



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