Farm Golf, a fun day out with family and friends

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Farm golf is an outdoors sport, imported from the Netherlands. Although based on traditional golf, it proves very different... Join in - it's a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the meadows in the Condroz Valley and a picnic can be arranged half-way through. Perfect for a day out with children, friends and colleagues.

How do you play farm golf?

The course counts 10 holes, 100 to 300 metres from each other. The meadows still being used by farms, you might very well have a few cows as your audience! 2 teams of 5 players max each can compete.

Which materiel is included?

The ball, made of leather is 14 cm in diameter. You will be given a special club, with a wooden clamp at its base.

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Minimum duration1:00
Maximum duration2:00



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