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The museum retraces, though a clever scenography, the night spent here by Napoleon, just before the Battle of Waterloo. The family friendly scenography recreates the atmosphere of the Emperor's headquarters through a clever setting and a selection of objects dating back to 1815.

Close your eyes for a second and travel back in time. We are the evening of June 17th, 1815. Napoleon and his imperial troops are here, a few kilometres away from Waterloo. The tension is palpable, the details of the fight with the British troops are being thought and rethought. Only a few hours and the battle will begin.

A historical location and an immersive experience

Standing there, in the Ferme du Caillou, it's easy to imagine the tense atmosphere the evening of June 17th, 1815. Napoleon's camp bed is there, as is the table on which he would have been refining his battle plans. There are weapons, engravings, paintings, even the skeleton of a French Hussar. Though the windows, you can see the orchard, used by the troops as a bivouac. It seems fitting it is now used for yearly commemorations of the battle.

Perfect for families and school groups

Fun and sensory activities allow visitors of all ages to imagine the life of the soldiers and the and strategic thinking of the Emperor. The hands-on side of the exhibition is sure to make quite an impression on children.

Visitors with specific needs

This museum offers the following services:

  • For those in a wheelchair: the museum is on a ground floor, has an access ramp, the heights and incline of the window cases has been adapted, specific parking spaces
  • For those walking with difficulty:  benches, light foldable chairs available at reception
  • For those blind and partially sighted: audio guide, themed visit on a safe trail, tactile descriptions, possibility to touch some of the pieces on show
  • For those deaf or hard of hearing: Visio guide in sign language, guides dogs welcome

As this is not an the official Access-i site, we recommend you get in contact with the museum for additional details. You can find .

Step into Napoleon's Waterloo headquarters to relive a page of history.


Pass 1815 Waterloo: 6 attractions and museums presenting Napoleon's last battle for 20€

This single ticket gives you access to the 6 attractions and museums presenting Napoleon's last battle. The best way to learn and experience a important chapter in history.

Open on 21/10/2020
Chaussée de Bruxelles 66,1472Vieux-Genappe
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