Fishing on the Amblève or the Salm near Trois-Ponts

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Trois-Ponts (South of the province of Liège) could be compared to a crossroads of rivers: the Amblève, Salm and Baleur prove perfect for fishing.

Fishing on the Amblève

This river is, in average 15 to 20 m wide:

  • Its gradient helps it keep a varied population of fish: salmonids (trouts and chars) as well as minnows (chubs, barbels)
  • A few pits and slower parts prove perfect for roaches, rotengles, bleek, pikes,
  • Gudgeons and sculpn also can be found.

Fishing on the Salm

The Salm, 4 to 5 m wide, is one of the most interesting riversto fish salmonids. Its bed, made of rocks, stones and gravels, is the perfect home for rainbow trouts. Greylings also live there.

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