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Fluise is an aming 5 km long art trail, accessible all year and, even better free: a kind of open air museum, if you wish, unrolling through the streets an iconic locations of Thuin.

This exhibition was produced by the Centre culturel Haute Sambre et la Ville de Thuin in partnership with the BPS22.

Mind-wowing artists

The artists selected created specific designs for iconic locations: the belfry, remparts, Grand Bon Dieu forest, Quartier des bateliers... There are 18 pieces to discover.

These varied interventions, some quite monumental, offer an emotional interpretation of presence and disappearance, public and private, tradition and folklore, memory, games and childhood. A brochure detailing each artwork in detail is available at the Tourist Office.

The artists

Discover amazing Belgian artists such as  Olivier Cornil, John Cornu, Jérôme Considérant, Sara Conti, Michael Dans, Daniel Fauville, Djos Janssens, Christine Mawet, Sophie Langohr, Christophe Terlinden, Stephan Vee...

Make sure to visit the The belfry of Thuin, listed by UNESCO (UNESCO),  Landscape lovers will fall in love with Thuin's hanging gardens and The Lobbes-Thuin historic tramway along the trail

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