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Withing easy reach of the town centre of Marche-en Famenne, the Fond des Vaulx valley offers wild landscapes: quite a contrast with the wide spaces of the Marche plain.

Fauna, Flora and legends

  • Stretching over 15 hectares, the Fond des Vaulx valley is part of a limestone fringe called Calestienne, modelled millions of years ago by the acidic water of the Ardenne massif, south from there.
  • Legends add to the mysterious atmosphere of the area...
  • A real paradise for nature lovers!

Fantastic walks

There are three paths to explore the area (from 2.2 to 4.5 km):

  • Caves such as the Grotte de la Ducasse, the Trou du Renard...
  • The Trotti-aux-Fosses sinkhole, listed an underground site of scientific interest in Belgium
  • Small depressions and rocks

The ASBL Fond des Vaulx organises guided tours on request.

Fun activities

The site and the Herbert trail are perfect for hikes, mountain biking, speleology or rock climbing. 

heart We loved:

The impressive Trotti-aux-Fosses sinkhole and the covered BBQ area.
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