Fondry des Chiens: an impressive sinkhole

  • Woodland, nature reserve or natural area

The Fondry des Chiens, nestled in the Viroin-Hermeton natural park near Nismes, is a unique, protected site in Belgium. Discover the incredible biodiversity of this natural sinkhole, 20 metres deep.

Sculpted by rain through time

This geological curiosity is the result of rainfall eroding the local limestone for millions of years. The site, unique in Belgium, is protected. Its biodiversity is of great value earned it the title of natural monument of Belgium. It even has its own legend: the wandering knight.

Practical information

  • Accessible all year. Entry is free.
  • The site can be part of hunting grounds between October and December: do check before visiting in this period


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Minimum duration0:30
Maximum duration1:00



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