The Fonds de Quarreux in Aywaille: an outstanding natural site

  • Woodland, nature reserve or natural area
  • Walking or hiking

The 1.5 km hike along the Fonds de Quarreux reveals stunning rounded quartzite rocks scattered along the bed of the Amblève river. Surrounded by nature, this lovely walk is sure to put a spell on you. The Remouchamp caves a 6 km away and the Monde Sauvage 9 km.

Legends all around

The quartzite rocks are said to be the remains of a mill the devil once built here in exchange for a promised soul. The miller was saved by his wife, who stopped the wings from turning. Furious, the demon killed her instead...  Listen carefully, you might still hear the spouse wailing...

Good to know

  • Do wear comfortable walking shoes.
  • Possibility to park in Ninglinspo


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Minimum duration3:30
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