The fort of Boggess (Bastogne)

  • Monument

South of Bastogne is the Fort of Boggess: an important location in the Battle of the Bulge, which helped with liberating the city during WW2.

This small fort, built in 1933, features two commemorative plaques:

  • "Here, the evening of December 26, 1944, the 4th armoured division joined the 101st Airborn, thus breaking through the forces encircling Bastogne"
  • "In tribute to Lt Charles Boggess (1911-1985) which tank break through the forces encircling Bastogne"

The fort's history

During the Battle of Bulge, in Bastogne, General Brigadier's 101st division fount itself encircled for days in a row by the German troops.

Lieutenant Charles Boggess (to whom the site owes its name) was driving the tank that neutralised the fort, thus freeing the inside division then the town of Bastogne.

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