Fort de Pontisse | Near Liège

  • Fort, citadel and fortification

Built in 1888 by General Henri-Alexis Brialmont, Fort Pontisse is one of the twelve forts that made up the Fortified Position of Liège.

The first Belgian concrete fortresses were intended to close off the road, river and railway junctions that Liège represented in the event of a conflict with Prussia.

The two World Wars

Fort Pontisse, called the "devil's fortress" by the Prussian army during the Battle of Liège, resisted until 13 August 1914 (the position fell on 15 August). The first shots in the history of the Krupp The 42 cm kurze Marinekanone (M-unit), better known by the nickname "Dicke Bertha″", were fired at Fort Pontisse, built 10 metres below ground.

At the end of the 1930s, in anticipation of World War II, the fort was rearmed and built 22 meters underground, under the first fort.

The visit therefore includes two different forts.






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