The Gaspar Museum, Arlon

  • Gaspar Museum, Arlon
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  • Official classification of an attraction in Wallonia - 2 suns

This museum, located in the Belgian province of Luxembourg, is dedicated to the work of sculptor Jean-Marie Gaspar as well the history and heritage of Arlon,

The Gaspar Museum is nestled in a middle-class house in the centre of the town. It takes its name from a local family, whose most well-known members are Jean-Marie Gaspar (1861-1931), a famous animal sculptor, and his brother Charles Gaspar (1871-1950), photographer, collector and patron.

Two restored staterooms feature bronze and plaster sculptures by Jean Gaspar, as well as collections by Charles Gaspar.

The museum organises temporary exhibitions dedicated to the art and history of Arlon and its region. It also displays paintings by several artists from the province.

During your visit, you will also see the famous Fisenne altar, a masterpiece by the early 16th-century Anvers school.

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