The Gedinne racetracks and the Antoine Schmit circuit

  • Motorsports

The Gedinne racetracks feature straight lines and beautiful curves through the countryside near Namur.

This 5 km route, South of Dinant and close to the French border, is a road circuit, meaning it is open to normal traffic outside events.

The Belgian Classic T

The Gedinne racetracks hosts a round of the Belgique Classic Bike competition as well as the CRMB Challenge.

The name "Belgian Classic T" is a reference to the famous race taking place on the Isle of Man. Both are inspired by the "classical" spirit of motorcycle competitions.

The main race is open to all owners of a motorcycle (and/or side-car) built before 1972. A day license can be arranged.

Let us take you on a time travel: this event, taking place in the countryside near Namur, will let you imagine what the motorbike races used to be like.


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