The Goblet d'Alviella mausoleum in Court Saint-Etienne: an outstanding monument

This mausoleum, which pillars, columns, symbols and inscriptions are highlighted with touches of gold, is one of the most fascinating funeral monuments in Belgium. 12 metres high, it overlooks the whole of the cemetery. The building was listed Exceptional heritage of Wallonia in 1988.

In 1886, the Goblet family was awarded an isolated plot at the very heart of the cemetery, complete with its own entrance and fence. The graveyard was designed from this location, at which 4 perpendicular alleys meet, dividing the cemetery in 4 rectangular zones.

A project inspired by Hindu graves

The Count Eugène Goblet d’Alviella (° Brussels 1846 - † Brussels 1925) asked Adolphe Samyn (° Brussels 1842 - † Brussels 1903) to draw the blueprints of the mausoleum. The architect found inspiration in Hindu graves, which design often includes two floors topped with a dome. For this, he used the local blue stone, extracted from the Soignies and Ourthe quarries. To this he added, at the count's request, signs and symbols from mainstream religions, symbolising infinity and the hope of an afterlife.


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