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Wallonia has a fine selection of golf courses, suitable for all levels of expertise. But not everyone is comfortable with the game’s somewhat elite image, its strict rules about dress and etiquette on the course and clubhouse. The equipment and fees can be pricey too… A handful of farmers in Wallonia have introduced a new interpretation of this sport: farm golf, which you can try at the Gerard Sart farm in Saint-André.

This surprising variation of “proper” golf is one for the whole family. Put on your heavy boots or wellingtons and the oldest clothes you can find and use the specially designed wooden club to hit an oversized leather ball across the fields, slopes, fences and ditches, hopefully avoiding the puddles and cow spats – not to mention the cows themselves!

The course is composed of 10 holes and it takes around 2 hours to complete it. Even better, after you can then stop by the farm shop and indulge in homemade ice-cream or apple juice. There is a wide range of terroir products to choose from, should you want to take a few treats back home (jams, rillettes, dairy products…).

A wonderful way to enjoy the countryside and a memorable family day: fun guaranteed!

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