A gourmet itinerary through the Pays d'Arlon

  • Circuit Gourmand 16 - Nobressart - Les Plus Beaux Villages de Wallonie
  • Cycling in Wallonia at the Grendel marshes in Attert
  • Découvrez le Musée Gaumais de Virton
  • Venez déguster un verre de Maitrank au Pays d'Arlon
  • Car tours

This 38 km itinerary is a wonderful way to explore the Belgian Lorraine (in the Pays d’Arlon region) via the boroughs of Attert, Aubange, Messancy et Arlon.

Influenced by both French and Germanic cultures, the area offers vibrant folkloric traditions, reflected in its terroir specialities. This adventure will take you straight to the local producers.

Among other delights, be sure to taste a glass of Maitrank (a dry white wine flavoured with sweet woodruff), the Pays d’Arlon's iconic drink.

Producers along this gourmet route

Do indulge in

  • Goat’s milk fromage frais at Barnichèvre (Arlon)
  • Saurtilège cheese made from fresh, unpasteurised milk at the Ferme Saur (Metzert)
  • A saison amber beer made with woodruff at the Brasserie Saint Monon (Arlon)
  • An ARAmiss beer at the Brasserie d’Arlon (Arlon)
  • Honey made in the Attert Valley

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Minimum distance38 Km


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