Gourmet Pleasures, Heritage and Bocages in the Herve Region

  • Gourmet Tour 26 - Pays d'Aubel
  • Découvrez la Siroperie artisanale d'Aubel dans le Pays de Herve
  • Abbaye du Val Dieu
  • La Fromagerie du Vieux Moulin à Battice, dans le pays de Herve
  • Car tours

This itinerary for individuals on Saturdays only, leads you to discover the stunning Herve region and the different local producers which have made it renowned.

You’ll discover passionate artisans as well as a natural area boasting bocages, meadows, typical villages and remote farms…

Be sure to begin your tour by stopping off at the Maison du Tourisme du Pays de Herve to visit its “Espace des Saveurs”, to discover the regional produce and unexpected heritage. The Herve region – enjoy it to the fullest.

Producers to visit on your gourmand tour

Aubel artisanal syrup manufacture

The Brasserie du Val Dieu and its abbey (Aubel)

The Fromagerie du Vieux Moulin

Grain D'Orge brewery in Hombourg

Golfing with the cattle at the Gerard Sart farm


  • Anthony Meneghin’s homemade marshmallows in Saive
  • Didier Smeets’ chocolates and pastries in Berneau
  • Moulin du Val-Dieu Poultry in Aubel
  • Demaret chocolate desserts and sweets in Manaihant (Battice)
  • Meat from the butchers’ shops at the Ferme des Béolles in Thimister-Clermont and the Waide Farm in Blegny

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Minimum distance59 Km


The information provided is an indication only. We advise you to inquire directly with the organisers of the event that interests you before you leave.