Hiking in the Hautes Fagnes: the Trôs-Maret Valley

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The Hautes Fagnes natural park is nestled in a valley that owes its name to the Trôs-Maret stream. This 9 km walk (3h) will take you through enchanting woodlands, moors, a wildlife park and a few picturesque wooden bridges.

Practical information

Start: parking of the Libert farm (Malmedy)
Duration: 3h
Distance: 9k

Discovering the Hautes Fagnes

From Libert Farm, the trail enters a wood in the direction of the Trôs-Maret stream. Since the hill has been entirely cleared of vegetation you have a clear view of ‘Mont’ and the entire region. Very soon you return to the shade of the thorn trees. The small wooden bridge straddles the bubbling brook and on both sides you can clearly see the peat and iron contained in the water. The forest of broad-leaved trees extends to the edge of the water: a perfect photo.

The trail climbs sharply upstream, again rewarding you with a plunging view over the entire landscape. In the forest, you’ll find a charming shelter in a place called ‘Moûpa’, where you can take a break. Along the Targnon, the trail descends into the valley, passes a small heath and wild parkland before coming back to the Libert Farm.

Route/Points of Interest

  • At the back of Libert Farm (S), turn left on the forest track and follow the signs (yellow rectangles)
  • Well marked to begin with, the route crosses the forest to turn left at the third junction. It then changes into a pathway which winds and climbs sharply amongst the fir trees and soon reaches a wooden bridge (1) which spans the Trôs-Maret stream. (Attention: the bridge is quite dilapidated and needs to be crossed with great care in damp weather).
  • On the other side of the stream, follow the signs (yellow rectangles) to the left. The path then rises sharply and becomes ever stonier.  The difficult sections are made more secure with a steel cable.
  • After a climb, the trail swerves briefly to return to the stream and drops sharply to the left alongside the watercourse.
  • At a small wooden bridge, stop following the tallow rectangle signs, which go off to the left (on a shortcut to Libert Farm).
  • On the same bank, from now on follow the red rectangle and GR signs on a stony path which starts climbing again.
  • After a few minutes, you will have completed the difficult part. The path opens on to a wide forest track; follow this to the left.
  • Before the clearing on the edge of the forest, a partially hidden track goes off to the left, and crosses a small wooden bridge before becoming wider.
  • Follow the red rectangle signage to a bench and a bridge (2).

Variation: If you want to lengthen your walk from 4 to 6.5 kilometers (preferably with a map!) you can also follow the little track which goes off to the right(continue to follow the red rectangles), cross the road and by-pass the Fagne de Fraineu. Return by the ‘Croix de Rondchênes’ and the signs with yellow crosses. WARNING: If a red flag has been hoisted in the car park behind the road, the Fagne is inaccessible.

  • If you want to follow the main road, take the bridge to the left (signage: none at first, then yellow crosses) and follow the wide forest track. After about 2 kilometers, the track becomes a path and turns left as far as a shelter (3).
  • There, turn left and take the little path which leads to a valley running along the Targnon, passing by several footbridges.
  • Once at the bottom, keep left (blue diamond signs) and continue straight ahead on a forest track.
  • At the crossing in the middle of a deforested area, follow the ‘Ferme Libert’ panels (blue diamonds).
  • At the crossing (4) in front of the meadows, keep left and go down to Libert Farm, passing some rough parkland.

Prepare your walk

Make sure you wear good hiking boots and comfortable walking shoes. A walking stick will also help for the way up. Be careful if it has been raining as the water would have risen in the rivers. Frost will make this walk slippery too.

Always take some snacks and water with you.

Local attractions

After the walk, enjoy a meal at Libert Farm. Don't miss the game specialties and blueberry or cranberry waffles. You can then sip a regional beer at Malmedy on the Place Albert 1st.

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Minimum distance8.7 Km
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