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This very varied (but tiring) walk links the Ninglinspo and Chefna rivers. The layout of the route along the Ninglinspo, on rocks and small bridges, is a true adventure.

Vallon du Ninglinspo

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The landscape changes constantly, with a series of new sensations in the middle of countryside formed by eroson. Numerous small waterfalls flow into as many small basins bearing sing-song names like ‘Bain de Diane’.

Near the hamlet of ‘Chefna/Ville-au-Bois’, with a little luck, you’ll see some characteristic Ardennais cows and horses. After this settlement the trail follows the course of the Chefna to return to the Amblève valley.

Shortly before the Chefna flows into the Amblève, you will find the village of ‘Quarreux’. The route then passes through the ‘Fonds de Quarreux’, a particularly wild stretch of the Amblève. At this point the riverbed is scattered with huge, sharp blocks of quartzite, on to which the water crashes in a magnificent spectacle...

Departure point: parking in Sedoz (near Remouchamps)
Level: difficult
Distance: 14.6 km
Signs: blue rectangle/red diamond

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