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This very varied (but tiring) walk links the Ninglinspo and Chefna rivers. The layout of the route along the Ninglinspo, on rocks and small bridges, is a true adventure. The 13 km trail can be completed in 4h30.


Along the rivers: the region's geological heritage

The landscape changes constantly, with a series of new sensations in the middle of countryside formed by eroson. Numerous small waterfalls flow into as many small basins bearing sing-song names like ‘Bain de Diane’.

Near the hamlet of ‘Chefna/Ville-au-Bois’, with a little luck, you’ll see some characteristic Ardennais cows and horses. After this settlement the trail follows the course of the Chefna to return to the Amblève valley.

Shortly before the Chefna flows into the Amblève, you will find the village of ‘Quarreux’. The route then passes through the ‘Fonds de Quarreux’, a particularly wild stretch of the Amblève. At this point the riverbed is scattered with huge, sharp blocks of quartzite, on to which the water crashes in a magnificent spectacle...

Practical information

Departure point: parking in Sedoz (near Remouchamps)
Level: difficult
Distance: 14.6 km
Signs: blue rectangle/red diamond

 Click here to download the interactive map and gpx file for this walk.

Route/Points of Interest

  • From the car park (S) start by following route No 21 (blue rectangle) and climb via a wooden bridge.
  • Turn left, then right to the Ninglinspo.
  • After an ascent of about an hour you’ll arrive at a crossing (1), between four paths.
  • At this point stop following the signs (blue rectangles) and carry on straight ahead on the dirt track (VTT path 38; blue triangles with dots) to rejoin route No 22 (red diamonds). On the map the distance to route No 22 is only about 100 metres but it demands a little concentration.
  • Several minutes later, when you reach the summit at a second crossing, take the first path on the right. The red diamond sign is visible a few metres further on.
  • The trail leads to a road, which leads to a stream. This guides you several minutes later towards a fork on the high ground.
  • Turn left on to a new path that drops straight downwards to a gate (private property).
  • Further on keep straight ahead across a forest track, then take a right turn on to a narrow path that transforms into a road leading to a forest house (2) on the ‘Chefna/Ville-au-Bois trail (3).
  • Behind the house, a dirt track descends to the right, and the arrows guide you very quickly to the other side of the stream. Depending on the growth of vegetation, the turning is not always easy to see.
  • Shortly before reaching the village of Quarreux, the more adventurous spirits can get to the valley alongside the Chefna on some small paths. Here, the signage is sparse, but you’re unlikely to go wrong. In bad weather it’s advisable to stick to the main road.
  • This cuts across the Chefna one last time to come out on a small asphalt road leading to Quarreux.
  • A few metres before the route divides to climb to the right you’ll find a rest area (4).
  • Back at the fork, you go higher (statue of the Virgin Mary) to a residential area.
  • Follow the small road and descend to the N633. Cross the road, turn left, go past the Café ‘Dément-Ciel’, then under the railway, and turn immediately right towards Amblève.
  • Follow the trail along the river Amblève as far as a residential area, then turn right and again go under the railway.
  • On the last section of the trail, follow the line of the N633 for 100 metres, then turn left to arrive at your destination.

Prepare your walk

While summer is a wonderful season for hikes, it also is the favoured one for families to enjoy swimminng in this nature site and its natural slides, so may not be the best  one a peaceful walk.

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