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This 14 km walk offers a real journey in time, back into the Battle of Waterloo.

From the Lion's Mound, opens up a stunning panorama with beautiful curves, far from the dull plain idea associated with Waterloo - a line written by Victor Hugo, which went a long way! 

The walk features historical locations: fortified farms, headquarters, monuments...

Departue: crossroads between the Chaussée de Charleroi and the Route du Lion - Braine-l'Alleud
Level: easy

No signs

Click here to download the interactive map, description and gpx file for this walk.

In and near Waterloo

Download our Walker's Guide to Wallonia

A walker's guide to Wallonia

If you were to draw a straight line on an atlas northward from the Massif Central in France to the North Pole, the only area of high ground the line crosses is the Ardennes, shared between Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany – but mainly belonging to Wallonia, the southern part of Belgium!

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Maximum distance : 14 Km


Maximum duration : 4:15

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