Hougoumont Farm: an iconic location in the Waterloo battlefield

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Locate just 1.5 km from the Memorial, la Ferme d’Hougoumont is one of the iconic locations that played a part in the Battle of Waterloo.

Why not take a horse-drawn ride from the Waterloo Memorial 1815 Museum? (every day in summer, weekends and public holidays in June, September and October)


"Keep Hougoumont". This was the one instruction that Wellington placed above all others. Over the course of the battle, the British soldiers within endured the attacks of more than 10,000 French soldiers, forcing the farm gate closed at a pivotal moment, before suffering howitzer attack and an inferno that destroyed the building itself. 

The site

Restored in 2015, the site now features a 15 minutes multimedia presentation that explores the battle in dazzling details. Be sure to explore the original chapel, too - it still holds the 17th century crucifix that looked over injured soldiers, signed feet and all. 

The farm is home again to 20 animals (hens, rabbits, goats, horses, sheep and pigs). There will be workshops there every weekends and Wednesday afternoons (June-October).






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