The interpretation centre of the former locks of Hastière

  • Industrial heritage

This open-air museum explains how the local, manually managed locks work and what being a lock keeper means. The site is free of access all year round.

An exhibition space dedicated to the former dam of Hastière

This interpretation space, with its didactic panels and parts of the construction, will detail the daily management of the dam before electromechanics processes were brought in.

The last weir with a bypass lock

This type of dam was used in the Haute-Meuse region between 1880 until 2001, after which the dam system was fully modernised and automated.

The fish ladder

This clever process allows fish to go through obstacles (dams, for example) along waterways. It is composed of a succession of basins arranged as steps in stairs, through which fish can navigate their way easily, thus improving their migrating instincts (particularly important for salmons).

In the region

Make sure to visit the 1900 villa in the charming village of Waulsort and ask the ferryman to take you across the Meuse on its little boat.

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