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Jean le Chocolatier invites you to stop by his shop in Habay-La-Neuve (province of Luxembourg) to taste his many creations: chocolate, ice-cream, beer with a twist and other gourmet treats.

A fascinating creativity

It's not "just" about chocolate. Jean le chocolatier has a real passion for cacao and loves to experience, finding new harmonies: chilli from Espelette, saffron from Gaume, olive, rose, wasabi, different types of pepper...

In his shop, the shelves are filled with chocolate spreads, speculoos, iced pralines, macarons, orangettes, jams and more. To be enjoyed without moderation!

Craft beer, sorbets and treats

Bear lovers will fall for the JeanChris, a tasting beer made half with barley, half with hops and a perfect math to chocolate.

Fall for the cakes, marshmallows, cuberdons, canelés and sorbets, made with seasonal fruits.

Jean le Chocolatier: a shop to delight all those with a sweet tooth.


rue de l'Hôtel de Ville 15,6720Habay-La-Neuve
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