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Looking for thrills? Look no further! The Jules Tacheny racetrack in Mettet (20 km South East of Charleroi) hosts both international races and amateur speedsters.

These racetracks, 20 km south-east of Charleroi, were named after a Belgian motorcycle champion, born in Mettet, and known for breaking many world records back in the 1930s. Its actual design, presented in 2010, covers 14 hectares and offers a slight drop of 13 metres. Suitable for both motorcycles and cars, the routes can be adapted to the type of race chosen,

The trackdays: tracks for all

The Jules Tacheny circuit, 2.3 km long, is the very first in Wallonia allowing bikers to practise and improve their safety skills. On Trackdays, professionals from the Mertens Riding School organise training around the tracks. The sessions are organised by level/expertise.

Interested? Contact them for more details. Sessions for supermotos and quads can also be organised.

Major events throughout the year

The Superbiker, the VW Fun Cup, the Mettet 500kms, national and international competitions, events for race cars and motorbike enthusiasts... There is something for everyone! Let alone the option of organising a private event on site and enjoy a few runs on the tracks.

The Jules Tacheny circuit: perfect for beginners and experienced drivers looking for a good time on the tracks.


COVID-19 : We do our best to inform you with the latest updates... Best, though, to check with the operator or lodging you have made a booking with before getting on the road. Please note that the Covid Safe Ticket (or health passport) is mandatory in Wallonia, starting November 1st, 2021.  Infos
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