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The Botteresse brewery, located in the village of Sur-Les-Bois in the province of Liège, offers high density beers, full of flavours.

This craft micro-brewery makes 2 sorts of high density beers, both rich in flavour: the Botteresse and Sur-Les-Bois beers. Visit the website to learn the full story of this brewery as well as the brewing methods.

The Botteresse beers, between 7.5 and 9.5°, are available as:

  • Lager
  • Amber beer
  • Amber beer with honey
  • Dark beer

Each has its own specificity, sweet, fruity, mellow.

The Sur-les-Bois beers, between 7 and 9°, are available as:

  • The Lager is refreshing and fruity
  • The amber is more on the spicy side
  • The Dark beer will delight lovers of malt like flavour

The brewery also makes seasonal beers, between 5 and 10°:

  • The Christmas Botteresse, a dark beer, both strong and sweet
  • The Apple Botteresse, a fruity, light, refreshing beer, not too much on the bitterness
  • The Cherry Botteresse, a fruity, light, refreshing beer
  • The Poirette de Fontaine, a dark beer for special tastings, perfect for beer lovers looking for something special

There is a wide range of flavours to discover: why wait?

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