La brasserie de Bouillon and Le marché de Nathalie

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Le Marché de Nathalie and La Brasserie de Bouillon have been sharing their passion for beer since 1994.

La Brasserie de Bouillon specialises in making its own beers - a range of 4 unfiltered brews, with a second in bottle fermentation - the Cuvée de Bouillon and the Médiévale, for example.

The guided tour of the site will show you how these craft beers are made and of course give you the opportunity to taste them. They are on sale on site should you want to take a few back home.

Le Marché de Nathalie is a shop fully dedicated to beer with no less than 350 Belgian brews features on its shelves. Most are traditionnally made and the Brasserie de Bouillon's creations (La Cuvée de Bouillon, La Médiévale, La Bouillonnaise, La Blonde de Bouillon, la Noire Fontaine and La Vauban with, around Christmas, La la Saison des Chasses - lager or amber)



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