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La Chataigneraie, Walloon Centre for Contemporary Art (CWAC). A space for the promotion of young artists and the rediscovery of great artists.

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The Wallon Centre for Contemporary Art, CWAC, is located in Flémalle, in the Liège region, in a park classified and protected by the Walloon Region.

The objectives of the CWAC

The Walloon Centre for Contemporary Art, La Châtaigneraie offers temporary exhibitions exploiting all the techniques of contemporary creation.
There is no permanent collection or gallery. The CWAC doesn't aim sell works of art but to share the love of Contemporary Art with a greater number of people.
La Chataigneraie collaborates with many other Belgian and foreign cultural institutions in order to extend as much as possible the networks of international artistic exchanges.


The Origins of the Chataigneraie

The CWAC was born from the idea of ​​dedicating a space to Contemporary Art.
The programmes are accessible but very carefully cosnidered and the disciplines addressed throughout the events are very eclectic.
The Centre  wants to be a place of promotion for young artists as well as a space for meetings and awareness of artistic creation.
Not to mention the program of a series of retrospectives of great artists who contributed to the history of art.

Ask for the program

Here is a list of the past, present and future exhibitions of the Center Wallon d'Art Contemporain.
The exhibitions calendar of the Chataigneraie contains an exhibition to please you.

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