La Frasnoise, a traditional brewery

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The craft brewery La Frasnoise is located at the foot of the hills of the Frasnes-lez-Buissenal.
Come and try this wonderful, traditionally made beer.

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  • A new brewery, looking towards the future

A crisp, tasty beer showcasing the skills of its master brewer.

The Frasne brewery

It is the Eastern part of the Hainaut province, at the heart of the hill county, that friends, passionate about beer, decided to create a small brewery, true to traditional brewing methods for high fermentation beers followed by a second fermentation in bottles.

Beers brewed with passion

Come and taste the "Frasnoise" on site: an authentic brewery, a brewery with a soul in a stunning setting. A courtyard paved with blue stone, a building made of old bricks - all renovated to the latest norms.
New beers are created day after day at the Frasnoise brasserie. Opened in 2004, the best years and flavours are yet to come.

For a delicious, refreshing beer, come and visit the Frasnoise craft brewery.





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