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La Roche à l'Appel, by the French border, is a fascinating geological curiosity found in one of the main natural reserves in Ardenne and Gaume. The site presents itself as a chaotic pile of conglomerate stones (Fépin's pudding stone), right in the Muno forest.

An exceptional geological site

La Roche à l'Appel is nestled in a vast forest, planted with a wide range of trees (oaks, beeches, conifers...) and also presenting a very rich diversity of moss. Streams cut through the slopes here and there, extending towards peaty areas, quite interesting from a botanical point of view. Insects are very present too, particularly coleopters with some quite rare species found in the region.

La Roche à l'Appel

La Roche à l'Appel marks the heart of the geological reserve. Two paths lead to its top, 360 metres high. The panorama over the Ardenne forest and the first two cuestas is well worth the effort.

The Tourist Office in Muno organises guided walks on request.



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