The Lambicool, distillery and its artisanal fruit brandies

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The Lambicool Distillery in Grâce-Hollogne is delighted to help you discover its famous, award-winning specialities such as the Pomme d'Etienne, fruit brandies and distilled beers.

Terroir products

The Lambicool Distillery is proud to use ingredients produced locallu, in the Hesbaye region. Etienne Bouillon, the owner, is quite passionate about terroir products, which he considered best for both quality and flavours.

La pomme d'Etienne

The signature drink of the distillery: apple juice which fermentation is stopped by apple brandy. This nectar was awarded the novelty prize at the Salon des Arts Ménagers de Charleroi in 1998.

Guided tour of the distillery

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