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Declared Exceptional Heritage of Wallonia, Thuin's hanging gardens offer a rare landscape, enriched with a contemporary art trail.

An incredible site

Planted on the southern slope of the Biesmelle valley, at the top of the city, Thuin's hanging gardens is a wonderful opportunity for a walk off the beaten path, the narrow streets along the suspended gardens are listed as Exceptional Heritage of Wallonia.

These gardens are part of the fortifications of the medieval city. The south facing terraces enjoy a microclimate and have a specific flora and fauna. Composed of narrow paved streets and towers, this amazing site even has its own vineyard, decorated with art work.

A stroll through the hanging gardens.

There are about 200 terraced gardens to discover, accessible through louvered doors and lined with walls of local sandstones with absorb and reverberate the sun heat. Aside from the many art works decorating these green spaces, there are events to join throughout the year. The trail takes between 1h and 1h30 to complete so do put comfortable walking shoes.

The history of the Hanging Gardens

The hanging gardens are linked to the fortification of the Thuin. During the many phases during they were built, terraces were added to the north and south slopes of the city. The bourgeois and monks living there having very few green spaces decided to turn the terraces into gardens and vegetable patches.

The heat of the sun absorbed by the sandstone walls created a microclimate so favourable that vineyards were planted but disappeared with time. During the 2001 renovations, it was decided to replant them: they now produce a delicious sweet natural wine, Le Close des Zouaves.

How to visit the Hanging Gardens

Access is free all year round and a free leaflet can be found at the Tourist Office.

During the walk, you will see 11 panels explaining the history of Thuin and the gardens.

Looking forward to seeing you in these exceptional hanging gardens!




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