Le Clos du Neuf Moulin vineyard

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It all started in 1991, with only 60 grape vines planted in by Guy Durieux, passionate about wine making, in his garden. The site now features 350 plants and 14 different varieties of grapes. These are grown without chemical pesticides.

The wine produced is mainly white or grey (Vin Gris is white wine made from red grapes, with only a short maceration giving him a light tint).

The Domaine du Neuf Moulin estate works in partnership with the Domaine des Arches (which cannot be visited) through the Confrérie des Artisans Vignerons d'Andenne C.A.V.A, a winemaker association, to sell part of their production.

Visits can be organised on request (please book in advance) - either for individuals or groups.



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