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A harmonious union between culture and nature, this cheerful festival invites artists, landscapers and botanists to turn the Parc de Hauster into an experimental creative space.

The return of landscape painters

Artists, in the 19th century, started to leave their studio to go and paint in nature, aiming at better capturing its many details. The Vesdre and Ourthe valleys turned out to be a fantastic experimental place for them.

This event brings landscapes back onto to artistic stage, questioning the relationship between men and its natural environment in the modern world.

Victor Hugo and the Vesdre valley

"The Vesdre is a torent-river flowing down through Verviers and Chaudfontaine then all the way to Liège through the most charming valley you can imagine. In this season, on a sunny day, with the blue sky, it sometimes looks like a ravine, often like a garden, always a paradise" wrote Victor Hugo in 1839.

The name of the competition "Par un beau jour" (On a sunny day) was inspired by author's word, put onto paper during his trip to Chaudfontaine. Known mostly as a writer, he also was a visionary draughtsman and, in his own, way a precursor of contemporary art.

8 artists, a jury and a public prize

8 artists selected by a jury of professionals will create a masterpiece each within the day. A real challenge, fuelled by creativity and for which the public can vote too.

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Event planned for the month of June 2022 (1)

(1) Dates and programme may be subject to change.

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