Le Pass de Mons, a world of fun experiences for children

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Le Pass de Mons promises an exceptional family day. Children will awaken their senses through interactive exhibitions, fascinating animations, fun science-oriented challenges. Adventure awaits!

Curiosity awaken

Families can enjoy exhibitions and workshops to understand how chemistry, digital techniques, sport, nature... make the world go round. Programming a robot, trying molecular cuisine, 3D printing, video mapping... Neither children not parents will ever have a chance to get bored at Le Pass!

Iconic spaces to (re)discover

For the little ones (from 3 years old)

They can play with light, pretend to be a mason, balance on a giant spider web or see through a mole's eyes... 3-7 y.o. will find the perfect playground in the Explorers' passage, a poetic introduction to science.

Even better: Le Pass is free for children under 6.

For little adventurers (6 to 12 y.o.)

Slides, rope bridges, climbing walls... Children can awaken their senses on the Acro'bat trail or join the Pass’âge des Aventuriers, an indoor tree trail adventure featuring 3 different spaces. This activity will give children between 6 and 12 years of age a physical approach to science.

Don't leave before seeing the Jardin des Aventures, a mining heap redesigned by Jean Nouvel, set in a 28 hectares park: a fantastic playground.

For teenagers

Teenagers will find out science can be real fun by analysing their DNA, trying to stop a pandemic, experiment with digital tools.





From Tuesday 31 December 2019 to Thursday 31 December 2020.

Opening dates: January 15 to August 31, September 24 to November 30, December 26 to December 30.
Annual closure: Sept 1-23, Dec 1-25

Belgian school holidays:

  • Weekdays: 9 am to 4 pm (closed on Wednesdays)
    Last weekend of the month: 1 to 6 pm

Duration: plan a whole day
Average visit time at weekends: 4-5 hours
Average visit time during school holidays: 6-8 hours

More information on the opening times on the website.



€ 17
€ 12


€ 12
Free for children under 6. Reduction for children 6-18 y.o.



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