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Les 4 saisons de l'âme - L'Automne (The 4 seasons of the soul - Autumn)  is an artistic and charitable exhibitions at the Orval Abbey. The profits will go to the Sarah Moon enfant lune association, which supports school projects and single mothers in Rwanda.

Art and its 4 seasons

Our life, like nature, follows the pace of seasons: we meet challenges, we bloom again. A painter will use his brush to translate a moment that marked his soul, a photographer will capture an image of a particular feeling or emotion...

What to see in this exhibition?

Two friends, both artists, joined Chan Moon Descampagne to put this exhibition together. Through this, they hope to help us further our understanding of life:

  • Chan Moon looks for touches of light in darkness but is equally fascinated by motherhood, the elegance of women in Africa...
  • Frédéric Thiry, born near Orval, creates collages and layers from pictures found in flea markets
  • Michèle Peyrat's pictures present the feelings experienced when she travelled to Rwanda
Abbaye Notre-DameOrval 1,6823Florenville
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From 10 October to 15 November 2020.

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