• Folklore and Tradition

Come and celebrate the end of the cold season in Lobbe with a fantastic folkloric carnival.

There will be many traditional characters to meet, among which:

  • The Nonancourts: musicians wearing extraordinary costumes and interpreting partitions in a very personal way
  • The Hottes: this guild, created in 1910,  led to the creation of another character, Lobbain (a grandmother carrying a man in her sack). .

The costume are quite unique in Belgium. To learn more about their origin, make a detour via the Musée International du Carnaval et du Masque  in Binche

Saturday - children's carnival

  • 15:00 - start of the procession (from the Ecoles du centre)
  • 16:00 - traditional dancing on the Place Communale
  • 16:30 - rewards given to the best costumes


  • 10:30: medals ceremony at the Salon Communal
  • 15:00: start of the procession
  • 20:30: traditional dances on the Place Communale


  • 14:00 - entertainement in the streets
  • 21:00 - traditional dances followed by fireworks
  • 21:30 -  bonfire on which a Nonancourt and a Gille will be burnt


  • Raclot (last day of the carnical celebrations) followed by a herring-themed supper


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Event planned for the month of March 2022 (1)

(1) Dates and programme may be subject to change.

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