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Loisirs et Vacances aims at promoting architectural, cultural, natural, industrial and iconic gems in the Province of Namur. Based in Olloy-sur-Viroin and Namur, the association organises activities open to all, meant to present this superb heritage.


  • Discovery trails: walks with storytelling, themed guided tours (local history, trade, architecture, folklore...)
  • Activities on request for specific touristic sites, areas, a launch, an event, a party, a meal
  • Magical nights to discover a village or neighbourhood by meeting with characters of times past


Discover the fascinating history of the Ilon district in Namur with a discovery trail dedicated to the old town and its cultural heritage, anecdotes about the neighbourhood, its shop signs and its folklore.

Loisirs & Vacances is working on a interpretation centre on lace and leather crafts, two trades that brought much fame to the area through history. The site should open in 2022.


Visit Le Légendaire, an interpretative centre dedicated to the local tales and legends. Quite magical, the stories will reveal to children and adults the beliefs of the region.

This information is given for indication purposes only, best to check with the site you hope to visit before heading there - by phone, email, social media or simply by visiting their website.

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