A Magritte exhibition at Charleroi's Museum of photography

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  • Exhibition
From 25 January to 20 September 2020.

This exhibition in Charleroi, which features 131 photos taken by Magritte or of the famous Belgian artist himself, offers a different insight on his creative process.

Powerful images

These pictures reveal Magritte's strong interest in "mechanical" images (as well as photography and cinematography) and help to appreciate his work better. Look out for:

  • Original photos, most taken by René Magritte and many presenting his "intellectual family": the Brussels surrealists
  • Pictures used by the artists for some of his most known masterpieces
  • Images from his personal photo albums picturing his childhood, parents, wife...
  • Amateur pictures where Magritte staged his loved ones


From 25 January to 20 September 2020.


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