Charleroi Métropole Tourisme

  •  Come and discover the Museum of Photography in Charleroi (Mont-sur-Marchienne)
  • Explore Boid du Cazier in Marcinelle, a former mining site listed by UNESCO
  • Tourist office

Charleroi Métropole may have been coloured black during the industrial revolution: it now surprises visitors with a full array of vibrant colours.

Charleroi is, indeed, is quite fascinating: an Art Deco town hall, museums, green spaces, stunning Art Nouveau buildings... Cradle of comic books with the Charleroi School and the Dupuis Publishing House, the town likes to put a cheerful twist daily life.

Don't miss the Photography museum in Mont-sur-Marchienne, famous for its original pictures. In Marcinelles, you can see the memorial honouring those who died in the tragic mining accident which took place in Bois du Cazier on August 8, 1956.

A few iconic sites to inspire you

Charleroi Métropole represents no less than 29 communes.

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