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The Ourthe-Vesdre-Amblève region, by the Ardenne, offers a wide variety of landscapes, attractions and surprises.

A rich cultural heritage in the Province of Liège

Water has sculpted the landscapes for centuries to create these stunning panoramas, these hidden valleys, these sharp cliffs and these deep caves. Inspired, men have learnt to master the use of stone, as skill reflected in the cultural heritage of the region.

What to do in the region

Come and discover these picturesque villages, these mind-wowing viewpoints, these heart-warming atmospheres. To explore the Ourthe-Vesdre-Amblève, you can:

  • walk, ride a bike or horse through its vast wooded areas
  • visit its lively museums, filled with anecdotes
  • taste its terroir specialities
  • meet the locals: the region is particularly convivial.

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