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La Maison des Plantes médicinales, nestled in a former school in Flobecq, retraces the story of healing plants through time.

Medicinal plants in the Pays des Collines

  • From the 16th century on, Flobecq became known for its growing of healing plants
  • With 2 nearby villages, it is part of a medicinal triangle in the 1930ies
  • The growing of angelica was developed there and is still distilled in Lessines

The exhibition

  • A timeline presenting the use of medicinal plants through centuries
  • An herbarium
  • Tools used to grow and harvest plants
  • Apothecaries' tools
  • Essential oils
  • Stills

Guided tours possible

The garden

  • 100 species of medicinal plants
  • An orchard

Accessible all year. Accessible to PRMs and wheelchairs.

The garden marks the beginning of a 4.5 km discovery trails with medicinal plants and sculptures along the way.

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  • Touristic information
  • A shop featuring local products
  • A bar and restaurant with a terrace
  • A different exhibition each summer
  • Workshops for groups
  • Events all year long
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