• Festival

This music festival, created by the famous Belgian ceramist Max Van Der Linden, offers a wonderful selection of concerts, shows, masterclasses and workshops.

A unique experience

Activities will be organised three weekends in a row in Tourinnes-la-Grosse, Nodebais and Beauvechain:

  • concerts
  • masterclasses
  • guided tours
  • workshops
  • conferences

Pianist Irina Lankova, one of the founders of this festival will play J.S. Bach's Goldberg variation on March the 14th at 20:00.

Place Saint-Martin,1320Beauvechain
Le Vert Galant5 ,Place Communale,1320Beauvechain
Eglise Sainte-Waudrurue de l'Etang 17,1320Nodebais
Agbiermontchemin d'Agbiermont 26,1320Nodebais
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Event planned for the month of March 2021
Dates and programme may be subject to change.

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