Military Cemetry - Heuleu, Lobbes

  • Monument

The French military cemetery of Heuleu honours the graves of the soldiers of the Great War who fell during the fighting in August 1914.

The hamlet of Heuleu is located on the heights of Lobbes, in the south of the region of Charleroi, a few minutes from the centre of Thuin.

The cemetery contains the remains of more than 200 soldiers of French regiments victims of cruel fighting that occurred around August 23, 1914 in the Lobbes region.

The cemetery is enhanced by a magnificent  "lighthouse" monument, a striking symbole of respect dedicated to French soldiers. Many of the deceased came from the regions of Bordeaux, Paris, Brittany or Vendée. Since then, many French visitors have made a stop in Lobbes during their visit to Wallonia to pay tribute to their countrymen.

Just a few steps from the cemetery, a blue stone pyramidal monument honors the memory of Captain Henri Frédéric Thomire who fell on the spot at the head of the troop on August 23, 1914.

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