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The former mining site of Plombières is now a nature reserve characterised by the presence of calamine grasslands. Growing there is a special flora linked to the concentration of zinc and other heavy metals in the substratum, of which the calamine pansy is the most representative.

The range of this type of biotope is very limited in Europe so that some species are endemic. Nature may have claimed the site back but visitors can still glimpse buildings from the past and remains of metallurgical operations.

A bucolic site through which La Gueule runs

The La Gueule viewpoint, where the stream goes into a cave, really is worth the detour.

Walks to better explore the site

  • The Mining Site trail to learn about the history of the place and its nature reserve (2 itineraries)
  • The Natagora trail to increase nature awareness (2 itineraries)
  • The Boffereth trail, signposted from the Plombières church to discover the commune and its region
  • The RAVel Ligne 38 and 39
  • Free guided walk every Sunday at 2 pm

Conclude your visit at the Maison du site minier (free access, all year round).





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